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My Suzuki GT550M
My Suzuki GT550M
My Suzuki GT550M
Manufacturer Suzuki
Model GT550M
Year 1977
Ownership 1980–1982
Previous bike Yamaha XS250
Next bike Suzuki GS550

Back to reality after the XS250 saga. This was a really good bike. Not as big, heavy and thirsty as the GT750 but not much slower either. You cannot beat the smoothness of a 2 stroke triple (in my opinion anyway).

I has to do various fixes to this one including make a new seat cover (as I have done for nearly all of my bikes) and on a whim fitted GT750 clocks to it replacing the water temperature guage with an ammeter.

One event that still sticks in my mind with this one was during a trip back home to Whitstable from Canterbury with Dawn on the back. We had done a 6-2 shift at work (which meant getting up at about 4:30am) and then gone over to Canterbury to buy something or another. On the return trip, the traffic was quite heavy and slow due to their being a large truck at the front of the queue going quite slow. The road was the A290 that goes through Blean. I had managed to get past all of the traffic apart from the truck and had been stuck behind it for a while due to its size, the twisty road and on-coming traffic. The early start of our day and the smoothness of the bike had obviously allowed Dawn to relax somewhat.

As I approached Blean Bird Garden I could see a small stretch of clear straight road and thought this was the moment I had been waiting for. Thinking I was in fourth gear, I grabbed 2 gears and gave it a handfull. I hadn't been in fourth, I'd been in third. When you do this type of thing to a large 2-stroke triple (3 power strokes per revolution don't forget) it tends to respond quickly and violently.

As the front wheel came up to about chest height you shut the throttle to get the front down so you can hopefully steer it. This was hampered slightly by Dawn's legs being under my arms at this point. She was so relaxed that she had fallen asleep and as all of this had started she fell back over the the top-box and wedged her legs under my arms.

I still don't know how I got the bike down and pointing in the direction but I did and we got home. She tended to stay a bit more alert after that.

In the first picture below is my brother Bradey on his Honda SS50 who sadly died in January this year (2011) aged 47 and in the third and fifth pictures is my sister Vicky, who is now in her early thirties and expcting her fourth child.

My Suzuki GT550M gallery

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