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My Suzuki GT250M
My Suzuki GT250M
My Suzuki GT250M
Manufacturer Suzuki
Model GT250M
Year 1974
Ownership 1976–1979
Previous bike BSA C11
Next bike Yamaha XS250

This one first came to me in the period Candy Gold, it had a full-race fairing, clip-ons and rear-sets.

I hadn't ever thought of buying one of these but a bloke my dad worked with wanted to get rid of it and all I had to do was take over his HP repayments which I seem to remember were about £14 a month!

I threw it up the road a few times and got banned for after committing 3 speeding offences. Whilst of the road, because of the ban, I rebuilt it to how it looks in the picture (C.H.I.P.S. was big on TV then).

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