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My BSA C11
My BSA C11
My BSA C11
Library picture - NOT mine.
Manufacturer BSA
Model C11
Year 1951
Ownership 1976–1977
Previous bike BSA Bantam
Next bike Suzuki GT250

I bought one of these as a basket case from a bloke in Ramsgate for £5 when I was still at school in Broadstairs. My dad gave me a big hand in restoring it and I think he was a bit pissed off when I sold it before ever having ridden it. What probably helped that feeling was that my uncle, who was a senior engineer in the Civil Service, had done a shit-load of work on the bottom-end which involved re-machining the timing-side of the crankcase and making a new oversive phosphor bronze bush to go in it. Oh well, that's kids for you!

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