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'Super Nero' cutaway
Super Nero cutaway

Welcome to As this sites name suggests, it is about motorcycles from all over the world - all of them!

I have been researching its content for a number of years now but have only recently started to put the site together. Overall this is quite a daunting prospect when you consider the scale of the project. My research notes so far tell of over 2500 different manufacturers but I have not completed them all yet. Currently I am struggling through the Italians (over 400) and after that I will get on to the German ones (nearly 600). So far there are 1800 (1685 are complete) pages. In addition there are 55 galleries, all organised into 84 categories. There are are 32 pages missing. There are nearly 1100 pages about British motorcycle manufacturers and their motorcycles.

I first took to the roads with my first bike on a wet cold March day in 1976 and haven't been without a bike since. There has been a huge change in motorcycles over that period and I doubt I could have dreamt back then of the stuff they are making today.

My Suzuki GT750
My Suzuki GT750

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try the search function at the top right of the screen. There is a lot of stuff in here but it might be hidden away.

Throughout this site you will see links to the major sources I have used. Please go to these sites to checkout the obvious enthusiasm there is out there.

I have various motorcycle related websites out there on t'internet and will be pulling them into here as and when I get round to it. The main reason for this is that I have written this site along the lines of a "Wiki" which makes content management an absolute breeze. This means all of the content is stored away in a database and I wrote a system to enable the use of wiki type tags to make editing it far easier. Those who know about this sort of stuff will appreciate the initial work involved (and the aggro you can have with regular expressions!).