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1979 British Grand Prix

The 1979 British motorcycle Grand Prix was the eleventh event of the 1979 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It was held at the Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom.

The 500cc British Grand Prix would be one of the closest races in Grand Prix history. Barry Sheene, Kenny Roberts and Wil Hartog broke away from the rest of the field. After a few laps, Hartog fell off the pace as Sheene and Roberts continued to battle for the lead. They continued to swap the lead throughout the 28 lap event with Roberts winning ahead of Sheene by a narrow margin of just three-tenths of a second.

Minutes before the start of the race, Roberts' Yamaha blew a seal and sprayed the bike with oil. His crew managed to replace the seal in time but, Roberts went to the starting line with his gloves coated with oil, causing his hand to slip on the throttle during the race.

1979 500cc British Grand Prix final standings

1USKenny Roberts1United StatesYamaha15
2UKBarry Sheene7United KingdomSuzuki12
3NetherlandsWil Hartog4NetherlandsSuzuki10
4ItalyVirginio Ferrari11ItalySuzuki8
5NetherlandsBoet van Dulmen13NetherlandsSuzuki6
6FranceChristian SarronFranceYamaha5
7ItalyFranco UnciniItalySuzuki4
8SwitzerlandPhilippe CoulonSwitzerlandSuzuki3
9ItalyMarco LucchinelliItalySuzuki2
10UKJohn NewboldUnited KingdomSuzuki1
11ItalyCarlo PeruginiItalySuzuki
12ItalyGianni RolandoItalySuzuki
13SwedenPeter SjostromSwedenSuzuki
14UKKeith HuewenUnited KingdomYamaha

1979 350cc British Grand Prix final standings

1South AfricaKork Ballington1South AfricaKawasaki15
2AustraliaGregg Hansford3AustraliaKawasaki12
3AustraliaJeff SayleAustraliaYamaha10
4SwitzerlandMichel FrutschiSwitzerlandYamaha8
5SwitzerlandRoland Freymond27SwitzerlandYamaha6
6FranceMichel Rougerie6FranceYamaha5
7FranceOlivier ChevallierFranceChevallier-Yamaha4
8UKTony HeadUnited KingdomYamaha3
9South AfricaAlan NorthSouth AfricaYamaha2
10South AfricaJon Ekerold4South AfricaYamaha1

1979 250cc British Grand Prix final standings

1South AfricaKork Ballington1South AfricaKawasaki15
2USRandy MamolaUnited StatesYamaha12
3GermanyAnton Mang5West GermanyKawasaki10
4AustraliaGraeme McGregorAustraliaYamaha8
5SwitzerlandRoland Freymond22SwitzerlandYamaha6
6FranceOlivier ChevallierFranceChevallier-Yamaha5
7AustriaEdi StoellingerAustriaYamaha4
8FrancePatrick Fernandez3FranceYamaha3
9FranceChristian EstrosiFranceKawasaki2
10UKTony HeadUnited KingdomYamaha1

1979 125cc British Grand Prix final standings

1SpainAngel Nieto2SpainMinarelli15
2GermanyGert BenderWest GermanyBender12
3FranceGuy BertinFranceMotobécane10
4SwitzerlandStefan DörflingerSwitzerlandMorbidelli8
5ItalyPier Paolo Bianchi3ItalyMinarelli6
6ItalyMaurizio Massimiami6ItalyMBA5
7SwitzerlandHans Müller7SwitzerlandMBA4
8AustriaAugust AuingerAustriaMorbidelli3
9SwitzerlandBruno KneubühlerSwitzerlandMBA2
10UKClive HortonUnited KingdomMorbidelli1