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1976 Grand Prix season
1976 Grand Prix season
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The 1976 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season was the 28th F.I.M Road Racing World Championship season.

Season summary

1976 marked the beginning of the era of Suzuki domination with the Japanese firm taking 11 of the first 12 places in the premier class. Angel Nieto would take his fifth world title in the 50cc division, this time aboard a Bultaco. In the 125cc class, it was more of the same with Morbidelli taking another crown with Pier Paolo Bianchi claiming the championship. Walter Villa would claim double world championships in the 250cc and 350cc classes for Harley Davidson fighting off a strong challenge from defending champion, Johnny Cecotto in the larger class.

Barry Sheene came to the fore with a dominating championship season in the 500cc division, finishing ahead of his Suzuki team-mate Teuvo Länsivuori. Newcomer Marco Lucchinelli impressed as well on a Suzuki but injuries curtailed his performance. Pat Hennen became the first American rider to win a 500cc Grand Prix, when he triumphed at the Finnish Grand Prix.

1976 marked the end of an era as it would be the last time the Isle of Man TT would appear on the Grand Prix calendar. Once the most prestigious race of the year, the event had been increasingly boycotted by the top riders. The TT finally succumbed to pressure for increased safety in racing events. The season also marked the end of another era with 15 time world champion Giacomo Agostini winning his last Grand Prix at the season-ending round at the Nürburgring. As Agostini had chosen the MV Agusta for this challenging track, this win was also the last ever for a 500cc four-stroke engine.

Grands Prix

1FranceFrench Grand PrixLe MansGermanyHerbert RittbergerItalyWalter VillaItalyWalter VillaUKBarry SheeneReport
2AustriaAustrian Grand PrixSalzburgringItalyPier Paolo BianchiVenezuelaJohnny CecottoUKBarry SheeneReport
3ItalyNations Grand PrixMugelloSpainAngel NietoItalyPier Paolo BianchiItalyWalter VillaVenezuelaJohnny CecottoUKBarry SheeneReport
4YugoslaviaYugoslavian Grand PrixOpatijaSwitzerlandUlrich GrafItalyPier Paolo BianchiGermanyDieter BraunFranceOlivier ChevallierReport
5Isle of ManIsle of Man TTIsle of ManUKTom HerronUKChas MortimerUKTom HerronReport
6NetherlandsDutch TTAssenSpainAngel NietoItalyPier Paolo BianchiItalyWalter VillaItalyGiacomo AgostiniUKBarry SheeneReport
7BelgiumBelgian Grand PrixSpaGermanyHerbert RittbergerSpainAngel NietoItalyWalter VillaUKJohn WilliamsReport
8SwedenSwedish Grand PrixAnderstorpSpainAngel NietoItalyPier Paolo BianchiJapanTakazumi KatayamaUKBarry SheeneReport
9FinlandFinnish Grand PrixImatraBelgiumJulien van ZeebroeckItalyPier Paolo BianchiItalyWalter VillaItalyWalter VillaUSPat HennenReport
10Czech RepublicCzechoslovakian Grand PrixBrnoItalyWalter VillaItalyWalter VillaUKJohn NewboldReport
11GermanyGerman Grand PrixNürburgringSpainAngel NietoGermanyAnton MangItalyWalter VillaItalyWalter VillaItalyGiacomo AgostiniReport
12SpainSpanish Grand PrixMontjuichSpainAngel NietoItalyPier Paolo BianchiItalyFranco BoneraSouth AfricaKork BallingtonReport

Final standings

500cc standings

1UKBarry Sheene7United KingdomSuzuki725
2FinlandTeuvo Lansivuori4FinlandSuzuki480
3USPat Hennen40United StatesSuzuki461
4ItalyMarco LucchinelliItalySuzuki400
5UKJohn Newbold8United KingdomSuzuki311
6SwitzerlandPhilippe CoulonSwitzerlandSuzuki280
7ItalyGiacomo Agostini1ItalySuzuki / MV Agusta261
8AustraliaJack Findlay10AustraliaSuzuki250
9UKJohn Williams5United KingdomSuzuki241
10UKPhil Read2United KingdomSuzuki220

350cc standings

1ItalyWalter Villa42ItalyHarley-Davidson764
2VenezuelaJohnny Cecotto1VenezuelaYamaha652
3UKChas Mortimer6United KingdomYamaha541
4UKTom Herron9United KingdomYamaha470
5AustraliaJohn Dodds56AustraliaYamaha340
6SpainVíctor PalomoSpainYamaha290
7JapanTakazumi KatayamaJapanYamaha280
8SwitzerlandBruno KneubühlerSwitzerlandYamaha280
9FranceOlivier ChevallierFranceYamaha271
10ItalyFranco UnciniItalyYamaha270

250cc standings

1ItalyWalter Villa1ItalyHarley-Davidson907
2JapanTakazumi KatayamaJapanYamaha731
3ItalyFranco BoneraItalyHarley-Davidson611
4UKTom HerronUnited KingdomYamaha471
5FinlandPentti KorhonenFinlandYamaha470
6GermanyDieter BraunWest GermanyYamaha421
7UKChas Mortimer6United KingdomYamaha310
8SwitzerlandBruno Kneubühler9SwitzerlandYamaha290
9FranceOlivier ChevallierFranceYamaha250
10SpainVíctor PalomoSpainYamaha250

125cc standings

1ItalyPier Paolo Bianchi2ItalyMorbidelli907
2SpainAngel NietoSpainBultaco671
3ItalyPaolo Pileri1ItalyMorbidelli640
4NetherlandsHenk van Kessel7NetherlandsCondor460
5GermanyAnton MangWest GermanyMorbidelli321
6FranceJean-Louis Guignabodet2FranceMorbidelli270
7ItalyEugenio Lazzarini5ItalyMorbidelli260
8GermanyGert BenderWest GermanyBender250
9SwitzerlandStefan DörflingerSwitzerlandMorbidelli230
10BelgiumJulien van ZeebroeckBelgiumMorbidelli180

50cc standings

1SpainAngel Nieto1SpainBultaco855
2GermanyHerbert Rittberger5West GermanyKreidler762
3SwitzerlandUlrich GrafSwitzerlandKreidler691
4ItalyEugenio Lazzarini2ItalyMorbidelli530
5GermanyRudolf Kunz4West GermanyKreidler340
6BelgiumJulien van Zeebroeck9BelgiumKreidler261
7SwitzerlandStefan Dörflinger6SwitzerlandKreidler250
8SwitzerlandRolf BlatterSwitzerlandKreidler250
9AustriaHans Hummel9AustriaKreidler200
10FrancePierre AudryFranceABF150